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We visualize ideas, turn them in to websites and then take them in to the digital world.

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Web Design & Development

We build websites that are visually cohesive, with navigation tools that make it easy to find information about plant care, upcoming events, and plants available for purchase.

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Graphic Design

It is consists in projecting visual communications intended to transmit specific messages to social groups, with specific objectives.


Digital Marketing

Also know as online marketing, is the promotion of brands to connect with potential customers using the internet and other forms of digital communication.

A good updated website
counts in a world that's
constantly growing online

The world is slowly moving towards more online communication. Make sure your business doesn’t fall behind. So we are here to give you a few reasons why an updated website is important and how it will help your business grow faster;


To provide the best and affordable services, with uniqueness and efficiency to all business owners.

From ideas to drawings and wireframes to concepts and finished products, we are here for you in every step of the way.


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Let us change the way your business works by providing you with a design that works for your business.


What some of our customers write about us

Our customers are our number one priority, that’s why our G-Designs team is always on deck to meet to their needs and equally make sure they are well selves to their satisfaction. We see them as part of us, that’s why we treat them with sincerity, love and humility.

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Driving technology for leading brands
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Questions our clients often ask us.

Yes! we think this is one of the points that makes us stand out from other people who sell websites. Since we use the latest software, it’s very easy to edit the text, images and other content on the pages. You can almost change everything if you want to.  text, images and other content on the pages. You can almost change everything if you want too. 

We accept projects that start at $6000 or $2000. However, the final price depends on your needs and wants, the design and the functionality. Let us know what you are looking for via the inquiry page.

You. We don’t own anything of the website. If you want we can give you full admin rights, so you can even delete us as you want. You pay for the website, so it’s your property.

The only thing that we want is to put the website in our portfolio if we want to. 

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Approximately 1-3 months. This mainly depends on the different revisions rounds that we have to go through to get a good result. 

99.99% of the software’s we use are the PRO versions, reason being that with the pro versions, we gain assess to all the futures, where by producing excellent results. 

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