Why Integrated Marketing Communications is Essential for Small Businesses

How can Integrated Marketing Communications help me, the small business owner?

Integrated Marketing Communication is essential to small business owners because they, even more so than large corporations can not afford to misspend or waste money on a single isolated marketing effort.

For instance, as a small business owner, it may be tempting to focus on one aspect of marketing – a new website, a direct mail campaign, radio ads or as a manufacturer, simply letting your partners market for you. However, what happens if that one piece of marketing doesn’t work?

ANSWER: Your entire marketing effort fails.

Instead, wouldn’t it be great to have an integrated marketing plan that takes the best parts of online marketing such as websites, email newsletters, search engine optimization, and pay-per-click advertising and use that to make your traditional, offline efforts such as direct mail, advertising and public relations even more effective.

For instance, this may be as simple as making sure that your website has the same key words as your radio advertising and that your banners at the little league games also have the same message. To internalize a message, a person must be exposed to it several times. If you hit them three times with three different messages it is nearly the same as being exposed only once. Even worse, it could be confusing and disorienting, resulting in a negative experience with your brand.

Integrated Marketing Communications addresses this issue by creating a plan with a consistent message and then delivering it through as many media as possible, online and offline.

What are the components of an integrated marketing plan?

An Integrated Marketing Communications (IMC) plan should draw from all communications disciplines available, including online, offline, and interpersonal.

Online marketing channels include any e-marketing campaigns or programs, from search engine optimization (SEO), pay-per-click, affiliate, email, banner to latest web related channels for webinar, blog, RSS, podcast, and Internet TV. Offline marketing channels are traditional print (newspaper, magazine), mail order, public relation, billboard, radio, and television. Interpersonal marketing includes participating in community groups, networking organizations, your handshake, how you dress, and even how you answer the phone or return calls.

While not every communication discipline needs to be included for each campaign, it is important for any integrated marketing practitioner to be well versed in the various components so that he or she can select the ones most appropriate for a specific client’s budget and demands.

Is it better to go with an agency, or shop for individual services myself?

While both have benefits, an agency can be a benefit if you don’t already have a network of trusted service providers including printers, promotional products companies, tradeshow planners etc. who are familiar with your business. Often times, an agency can get things done for a client faster, more efficiantly and with better quality for the same or lower price. Plus, as a business owner you have to factor in the time you may spend shopping for the best price and reading reviews to make sure that the best price doesn’t give you the worst services.

However, the cost of each component shouldn’t be your primary concern when evaluating an integrated marketing plan. Instead, look at the expense and benefits of the entire plan working together. For instance, a website might cost $2,000 to build and then you might spend $10,000 in pay-per-click advertising over the next year, but if the content on the website doesn’t match the message on your direct mail, or your customer service people aren’t able to answer questions about the website then you wasted a lot of money.

Instead, don’t look at the website as a single entity. Make sure that it is perfectly integrated into your marketing strategy:

* Promote it at all opportunities. This includes not just pay-per-click ads, but also on business cards, in radio ads, even place a sticker on your products letting customers know they can download copies of the product manuals there, and print it on your receipts telling customers to download coupons on the website.

* Develop an email newsletter to offer your customers and prospective customers news and information they can use – not just a brochure to sell your products.

* Create a blog and allow people to subscribe to it. This will build trust and familiarity between your customers and your company. Don’t limit blog posts to just the president, sometimes a post from a project manager or even the receptionist can keep the blog interesting and attention grabbing.

* Create a contest – but make sure the message is consistent with your integrated marketing strategy. Have people visit your website to enter.

* If you run an advertisement promoting a specific service, make sure that that your customers can find more information about it quickly and easily. Perhaps even put a graphic at the top of your page saying “Attention 99.5 listeners, Click Here to Learn More about Gutter Cleaning”

Those are just some examples for how you can integrate your marketing plan and maximize the initial investment you made by building a website.

Isn’t an an integrated marketing communication just like any other marketing plan?

A marketing plan can be just a marketing plan for a website, or a marketing plan for an advertising campaign, but an Integrated Marketing Communications plan involves all aspects of marketing, across the entire company. This means that you are integrated all aspects of the company into a single cohesive plan.

After all you could have a great website marketing plan, an awesome advertising campaign and an award winning PR agency, but if a customer reads a press release or hears your ad and decides to visit your website where he can’t find more info about your PR or advertising message what’s the point of spending the money in the first place?

Source by James Hills

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Eye Catching Content

When running a small business there is a lot of competition. How do potential customers find you on the web? To assert your business as an industry leader, you must be the guru of sharp, fresh content.

So, what is content? Content is a message conveyed in different forms of communication. Content appears in the form of articles, videos, and blogs that are meant to entice and educate your customers and attract new business.

For small business owners who are new to creating great content, here are some starting points.

• Research

Read books and publications about your industry. Research your competitors’ websites and find holes in their content. Find out what they’re not telling their customers. Don’t simply sell to your customers. Recognize what their needs are and provide solutions to their problems. Ask probing questions. Give them information on why they are paying too much for certain products.

• Attention Snatching Headlines

Technology has made us all attention deficit. When people get online, they normally only scan websites. You’ve got seconds to get and keep their attention on your website. The headline should be edgy and honest. For example, I wrote an article about building an authentic personal brand. Instead of a lengthy headline, I simply asked: “Are You Real or Fake?” in my headline. I meant to strike a nerve in my reader, and it worked.

• Conferences and Networking Events

Reading books and publications are a great start, but you do have to attend events hosted by people in your industry with decades of experience. If you are in business, you will remain a student. These events are helpful because you will be able to meet customers, but you will also be able to generate ideas for videos and articles for your website.

• Social Media Platforms

Social Media is a definite way to reach millions of people in the most cost-efficient way. Utilizing social media can be helpful if you are strategic in your approach. Join online communities in your industry. Select two strong social media platforms and learn how to utilize them. If you have too many platforms, it becomes difficult to maintain a dialogue with readers. Conduct product testers and giveaways to your customers. Engage with your customers by asking them what content they want to see.

• Audio and Video Content

Audio content is in the form of radio and podcasting. By using tools like SoundCloud, you can create your podcast. It is a more intimate way to communicate on a small platform. You can invite guests on your podcast as well. Video is a way to reach more people and get your face out there. A popular video platform is YouTube. The downside to video is you will open yourself to positive and negative feedback whether it is warranted or not.

Keep in mind, content must be updated on a regular basis. As your business and industry changes, there will always be new subjects to write about. If you are passionate about your business, do whatever it takes to stay ahead of what’s current.

Source by Kenesha Collins

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Search Engine Rankings for Beginners

Search engine optimization is best left in the mystical land of the Intenet Marketing Guru right? Good Search engine rankings are tough to achieve. Understanding search engine marketing takes years of studying and only people with true insider knowledge and secret tools rank well in Google right? WRONG. Pure crap as a matter of fact.

Ranking well in the search engines is not difficult. In fact search engine optimization is relatively easy. What stops most people from ranking well in search engines is misinformation. Every week there’s yet another quick fix to ranking well in search engines and people jump from one quick fix to the next hoping for that Top 10 position in Google and never achieving it.

There are 6 key areas of search engine optimization that you need to know about. These are the basics. Getting these right will help you achieve the Google rankings that you’ve always wanted.

Domain Name – The jury is still out on the how relevant a keyword rich domain name is. What I mean by keyword rich domain name is say for example your site was going to be about money making ideas then an idea domain name could be either [http://www.moneymakingideas.com] or http://www.money-making-ideas.com. My own personal preference is with the hyphenated approach e.g. http://www.money-making-ideas.com simply because I believe that search engines can read it more easily. To registed your domain name I would suggest using either 000Domains.com or GoDaddy.com

Content – Useful content. Not keyword stuffed, spammy pages. Write something useful for your visitors. If you can’t write then you’ll need to learn. Turn Words Into Traffic is a great resource for learning how to write content and is a resource that I use personally. Turn Words Into Traffic gives you an A-Z on article writing – from a writers perspective. If you don’t want to learn how to write content then you could always use Create Website Content Fast to help you speed the process up.

Keywords – Keywords are the words or phrases that you expect people to search for your site/service/content with. There are two distinct factors to consider when choosing keywords for your site.

1. You need to target specific keywords. For example if you have a website about dating then you’ll probably find it quite difficult to achieve high search engine rankings initially with that single term. However if you were to refine an area of your site to target say Gay & Lesbian Dating that’s more specific. You could also regionalize your keywords or key phrases e.g. Gay & Lesbian dating in Toronto. This refining process is often referred to as niche (pronounced neech) marketing.

2. You need to choose the keywords that you want people to find your site with. Put yourself in your visitors shoes – think about what they might use to find you in the search engines. What keywords or key phrases would you type into a search engine to find your site? What keywords or key phrases would your potential visitor use to search for you? Always, always think like a typical websurfer.

If you’re interested in seeing what people are searching for on the web and how profitable that might be for you I would recommend that you check out Good Keywords. It’s free and does a wonderful job of helping you find good keywords 🙂

I would also suggest that you try Wordtracker also. It’s a brilliant service for tracking down specific, popular keywords.

Keyword density – This is how often your keyword is used on the the page itself. For example if you have 100 words of text on a single page and you mention your keyword 5 times then you have 5% keyword density.

Opinions vary on this but anywhere from 1% – 7% is considered ideal. If this doesn’t make sense to you then it’s ok. The simple rule is this: less is more. Do not alter the text on your webpages to include your keyword over and over again because………well…. it looks stupid, won’t instill any confidence in your prospective customer and might also get you penalized or removed from the search engines.

Page title – Your tag is critical to your page being ranked well. Stuffing your tag with keywords in the hope of ranking well is pointless. Your tag, once constructed properly, will see you moving up the search engine rankings quickly. Bear this simple fact in mind when building your websites and it will serve you well.

Links – Having good links pointing to your site and good links within your site (an often overlooked aspect of search engine optimization) is pretty important as far as search engine ranking goes. Having other sites linking to yours proves the importance of your site to the search engines i.e. if the content on your site is so valuable that other site owners want to link to it then it must be important.

META Tags – Meta tags are dead baby. Well not quite dead but they are only used as a point of reference for search engines. It’s a shame to see websites that have their META tags still stuffed with keywords. It’s pointless. Put your primary keywords in the Meta Keyword part of your webpage but apart from that don’t lose any sleep or waste any energy on them.

There’s not enough space in this article to explain all of the above in the detail that I’d love to. Also I’m not a search engine expert so some of the explanation is best left to those that I learned from (Sean Burns and Jay Stockwell take a bow please 🙂

Having learned the basics of search engine optimization and submission I have achieved Top 10 Rankings for all of my websites. It’s not hard to do this. It just takes work, a little patience and a little common sense.

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Microsite Miracles

Source by Niall Roche

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Top Search Engine Rankings Guaranteed With SEM Services

Internet has now emerged as one among the most preferable destinations for all the websites who want to generate revenue from online businesses. To get the top rankings in search engines, your search engine marketing strategies should be implemented in very cohesive manner. SEM services are now the vital key to place your website amongst the top ranking related websites.To achieve the best results, search engine optimization companies offer several guidelines and strategies on which websites are ranked and positioned. SEO Companies always plan their strategies in strict accordance with the guidelines provide. They put all the efforts to take a website on top amongst its competitors.

Before keying on the techniques and search engine marketing strategies, you need to follow some strict guidelines. Companies are now offering cost-effective and targeted oriented SEO services to domestic and international client with a deep and constant glance on evaluating and supervising the SEO project life cycle.They do use of expert SEO professionals who are expert enough in handling the SEO projects with advanced, upgraded and innovative SEO tools. These tools help in augmenting the page rank and enhancing the website traffic.

SEM experts have enough talent to focus on the target markets where customers may show interest. To follow the hot leads and the potential customer base, Search engine experts analyze the criteria, methodologies and effective SEO techniques to distinguish a staged increase in online traffic and sales for the domestic and international clients.SEO experts serve the clients with the extensive knowledge base they have regarding the wide e-business and e-retailing matters, SEO and e-marketing positioning vital enough to deliver websites top rankings in the prominent search engines.

Some of the best keyword selection and site navigation techniques they do involve during creating innovative and dynamic strategies for search engine rankings are very useful to ensure increased web traffic on the client’s website. Experts of SEM services are now focusing on PPC that is a very popular form of advertising and marketing of the products over the World Wide Web.The PPC programs handled by the Search engine-marketing experts are very flexible in nature and capable enough to attract new domestic as well as international clients.

Source by Sumant Kumar Singh

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Search Engine Optimization Techniques for Blogs

Fact, keywords when properly used in the content of your website have exponential power. They are the most magnetic force to attract the search engines. Most of Google’s annual $25 billion in revenue is keyword based. These simple little magnifying words are the life-blood of every SEO ranked website.

Read on…

The way you word your article and how your conversation flows with injections of “magnetic keyword juice” will determine your ranking with Google.

Here’s something to think about and keep at the tip of your pen as you craft your powerful article.

Think about the offline world, words are also magnetic. Words do incredible things to all of us. They are the most influential form of conversion man has ever known.

We are like search engine snipers seeking out those nuggets of wisdom. We are searching for words that satisfies our wants and needs in a free-flowing gravitating way.

Read on…

The search engines do the same in the online world. If a potential customer types in the search bar, “family lawyer in Billings”, the search engines seek out those very words and shows the visitors pages of lawyers with those keywords in their content. The top ranked sites suits the Google criteria and are the ones that satisfies the snipers most.

Now bear with me for the icing on the cake for you when you create your content for your website. It doesn’t matter if you are a dentist in Alabama, a nurse in Hawaii, a mechanic in Arkansas, a plumber in Timbuctoo, the power of magnetic keywords for SEO remains the same.

Google and search engine snipers are clever. They will seek out your website and determine if your content is worthy for their searchers. They are looking for free-flowing, informative sites with images and videos.

Listed below are some things to keep in mind:

• No duplicate content, do not copy from another online source.

• Over exaggerated with the same keywords. (1 to 2 % of keywords for every 500 words is ample)

• Avoid poor content, make it a good article for your readers to get quality information.

• Use synonyms instead of keywords, eg: for the word lawyer, attorney or professional law consultant.

• Keep your anchor text varied, eg: linking to quality outside sources and linking within your website to other pages of worthy content for your reader.

A great example of a website with expert internal linking is Wikipedia. This is one of the reasons they are extremely well liked by Google and are one of their top ranked websites.

Google wants your reader to have a great informative experience when they visit your website. They want to rank you high because the visitor likes what you have to offer and continues to return to it.

Just like you and I, Google and all the other search engines are also in business to keep happy returning customers. They offer you all the tools and want you to understand and implement the concept of proper SEO and the magnetism of keywords.

Source by Annette C O’Leary-Coggins

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Professional SEO Services: An Expert Ensures All Guidelines Are Followed

Professional service providers can be found in almost every marketing niche. In its inception, online marketing used straightforward practices during the initial start of search engine optimization, or SEO. Today, companies are finding they have to employ expert services due to the immense guidelines set by search engine providers.

Spamming has become so common that many service providers have developed rules to reduce the unethical efforts used to bypass natural ranking progression. Initially, a company could include a keyword in the main title and a Meta tag a few times in the content to receive a sufficient ranking among main search engines. The details have become far more intricate these days, making it near impossible for a business to achieve desired results without the assistance of professional SEO services.

SEO Strategy: Good Practices Accomplish Better Results

Beginning SEO strategy practices caused “keyword stuffing” to occur. This technique is accomplished by using the same keyword repeatedly throughout tags and the content, and is now shunned by major search engines like Google. While this technique slipped through for a while, search engines eventually caught on. In response, these service providers began using incoming link counts as another factor for ranking.

Google’s ranking algorithm also came into play around the same time. According to their algorithm, every page link is a vote that provides additional authority to the page. Buying or swapping of links became another form of spam. Focus changed again to the relevancy between the link and the site it led to. Subjects must be related to be considered legitimate by search engines.

SEO requirements are constantly changing as people find new ways to spam their way to top rankings. Google and other engines attempt to prevent ranking increases from bad practices. They even supply tools to assist with the process. Professionals must stay current on the latest requirements so they can provide the best services to their clients.

Penalties can result from shady SEO strategies. Since ninety percent of traffic comes from search engine use, these practices are a driving marketing force for most businesses. A business will benefit more when this service is done in a reputable manner. Various tools or techniques, such as article submissions, web site optimization, and blog postings, may be used by professional SEO services.

A business gets listed before others when the results page appears by increasing page rankings. The listing order is based on keyword relevancy and can only be enhanced through acceptable SEO practices. Google and other providers supply specific guidelines that must be followed to achieve higher ranks. These resources assist in creating natural ranking increases through ethical methods.

A reputable SEO strategy involves implementing quality site content, using proper titles like valid Meta tags, keyword research, and quality links. Professional SEO companies can ensure all guidelines are met while supplying effective site optimization. Not following search engine rules can get a website labeled as spam. A business site may be removed from the listing altogether if unethical practices are being used. It is best to find a dependable expert who can provide the techniques and service needed to achieve results properly.

Source by Carlotta Jones

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Importance of SEO Marketing

SEO marketing is one of the most effective ways to increase revenue and traffic for any online business. With more and more online businesses popping up everyday on the World Wide Web, it is important to make sure that your website is visible to the audience that you are trying to target. Not only, will it help you stand out, but it will also help you attract more traffic to your website.

SEO as marketing is mainly important because it can significantly help you…

Sustain your business

There are plenty of websites out there, which have died out as a direct result of poor SEO marketing strategies. Today, starting an online business has become a lot easier. And many individuals have found out about the immense opportunities, which the internet has to offer. So, the overall competition is increasing online, and thousands of individuals are establishing their own websites to reach a wider audience and promote their business.

Therefore, it is very important that you hire a competent online marketing company to manage your SEO marketing, to ensure the survival of your business, among the hordes of other similar websites which are targeting your niche. Further, SEO marketing also helps you…

Reach a Wider Audience

No matter what you do, without an effective SEO marketing strategy, you won’t be able to reach a wider audience. And in order to increase the revenue generated from your online business, you will need that wider audience. The fact is that, every business needs customers to survive. And SEO as marketing can really help you get to those customers, in a much precise manner. Also, SEO as marketing holds significant importance in ensuring an…

All round promotion

Any experienced and competent SEO marketing company makes sure that their clients get maximum exposure and an all-round promotion on the World Wide Web. And they utilize various techniques to ensure that the goal is reached on time, and within the stipulated budget. These days, the only way to spread the word about your business is through proper promotion. And, an experienced online marketing company is your best bet.

The internet, just like the real world is full of competitors trying to hog the limelight, and gain maximum exposure. And therefore, the importance of SEO marketing cannot be undermined in today’s world. So, if you are planning to start your own website, and want to become the next big thing on Web 2.0, it’s time to realize, that somewhere down the line, you will need an effective search engine optimization strategy.

Source by Venus Kumar Vij

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Search Engine Optimization and Affiliate Marketing

Some people think that SEO is not a part of affiliate marketing. That’s rather unusual.

It struck me. The main reason many advertising and internet affiliate marketing agencies don’t like to pay attention to search engine optimization is that they don’t fully comprehend search engine optimization and don’t understand how to execute a highly effective SEO campaign. Instead of admit their lack of knowledge, they like to pay attention to internet marketing methods they’re saying to understand well.

Search engine optimization benefits

A current MarketingSherpa study shows top organic positions are clicked 20 % of time and top paid-up advertising positions are clicked 10 % of time. However, if your site includes a top organic position along with a top paid-advertising position, the backlinks leading to the site are clicked 60 % of times. It’s a unique situation: 10 + 20 = 60.

Affiliate marketers’ insufficient search engine optimization understanding is a big mistake. Having a well-built, user-friendly affiliate website, advertising costs can be reduced.

Affiliate Entrepreneurs: Internet Search Engine Friend or Foe?

More often affiliate entrepreneurs or marketers really are a bane to search engines like Google. After I think about internet affiliate marketing junk e-mail, I think about all of the Amazon affiliates’ entrance pages. Individuals could be some pretty ugly Internet sites.

However, the best Internet sites I’ve seen happen to be affiliate Internet sites. For instance, one client doesn’t sell straight to customers. The organization’s Site offers info on the organization and offers an introduction to its items, but customers can’t buy something on the website. They have to go to a joint venture partner to buy. In cases like this, likely to join a venture partner is really better for that consumer. The affiliate is generally situated close to the consumer, which makes it simpler for the consumer to obtain the product personalized and shipped rapidly.

The task within the client’s affiliate Search engine optimization plan’s to supply completely unique content towards the search engines without taking advantage of them. Furthermore, almost all clients don’t want an overzealous affiliate to obtain the corporate site and also the entire affiliate network into trouble. Everybody should benefit: customers, the organization’s site, affiliate marketers.

Affiliate SEO and search engine marketing plans

Affiliate management is really a key component of the effective SEO/search engine marketing plan. A lot of companies make affiliate management being an afterthought, frequently towards the corporation’s hindrance.

I’m helping a nonprofit become unfrozen in the search engines. Regrettably, helping sites get unfrozen is really a normal, everyday a part of the job of SEO specialists. The company itself hasn’t spammed Google. The site is very easy to use, and also the organization is really a well-established brand. You will find no technical causes of the website not to come in Google’s index. Yet after digging around for causes of a Google punishment, we discovered the issue: affiliate marketers gone wild.

As part of the internet affiliate marketing search engine optimization plan, companies should explain the significance of offering completely unique content additionally towards the corporation’s’ content. For instance, effective information architecture is definitely a very important element of engine optimization. There are ways affiliate marketers can group and classify info that are superior to the way the corporate site organizes it? Some items sell better in regional marketplaces than the others. Most likely the affiliate site could concentrate on the best retailers because of its region.

I have seen regional affiliate sites’ cross-linking (internal, page-to-page connecting) vary by region. By showing a distinctive cross-linking structure, affiliate marketers provide unique information towards the commercial search engines with a 100 % user-friendly scent of knowledge for clients.

Furthermore, a FAQ, customer support, or help section might be unique for every affiliate site. Many affiliate marketers work directly with clients. What questions do individuals clients frequently pose? Getting these questions as well as their solutions obtainable in a FAQ, customer support, or help section provides completely unique content for clients and search engines like Google.

Finally, among the greatest mistakes I see with affiliate Internet sites and companies is forcing affiliate marketers to utilize a print catalog’s exact wording. Print copywriting works fine inside a print medium; it doesn’t always work with an internet site. Since affiliate marketers frequently know their clients very well, they ought to have the ability to modify product explanations without deviating in the corporate branding message.

The finish result? Affiliate sites don’t get strained from search engine results because of duplicate content, and clients find what they’re trying to find rapidly and simply.

In conclusion I can say that despite the fact that internet affiliate marketing junk e-mail is a big problem for that commercial Web search engines, internet search engine reps wish to include affiliate content searching results (both paid and organic), particularly if the content and content organization are unique. Customers appreciate content that’s customized for their individual needs.

To know more about SEO and affiliate marketing read us.

Source by Alice T

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Article Marketing and SEO For Your Online Business

Optimizing a website has been the main goal of business owners for their site to gain popularity among online users. Because when their website has successfully made it into the top spot of search result pages, they are most likely to be visited by most people.

To be able to reach this goal, you must need to generate a large volume of traffic to your website. There are a number of ways to promote a website for search engine optimization (SEO) and article marketing is the most popular of them.

Article marketing is the process where you create quality content articles of good quality and have them submitted on different websites and article hosting directories. What gives an edge to this strategy is that it may be done without spending too much; all you need is effort and time to attain long lasting visibility on search results pages.

I’m pretty sure you’ve heard of it. But if you want to know more about article marketing and on how to utilize it for SEO, here are the tips you must consider in starting up with the campaign.

First and foremost, you must polish your website prior to starting with the promotion as this will keep your visitors from bouncing back to the previous page. To make your site professional-looking, you must work on following factors: content, layout, design, images, and navigation.

After you assured that you have a good landing place, now is the time to create quality content articles. Make sure that they are original, without any grammatical errors, and interesting enough to keep the readers’ attention.

Your articles must also be relevant to the nature of your business so you can automatically hit your targeted market. Avoid getting unsolicited visits by having irrelevant articles.

Also consider the title of the article and the lead of the content as these two are the ones that appear on search results. Make a catchy yet succinct title and lead to easily get the attention of the online users.

Don’t forget to include the right keywords as it boosts your visibility on the search result pages as these particular keywords are what people would most likely to type to find your website. Keep in mind to include these keywords in moderation as stuffing too many keywords will only reduce the quality of the article and confuse your readers.

Always attach back links to your material. When people find your website interesting and want to know more about your business, they can easily go straight to your site by clicking the link you have provided.

And lastly, you have to submit them on related websites. It is still OK to submit on article hosting directories since such sites will sort your article depending on its category.

Source by Jason Nyback

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SEO in 2020. Important DIgital Marketing Strategies

Video Digital Marketing

Video digital marketing for SEO is very big in 2020 in the realm of search engine optimization (SEO). First off don’t forget to create videos and submit them to YouTube,Vimeo, Daily Motion, Blip, Wistia, Meta cafe, Veoh, and Mega video. Be sure to make each video at least slightly different. The major search engines such as Google, Yahoo, Bing, and Duckduckgo.com really don’t want you to post duplicate content. It’s either highly frowned upon or even Penalized. Check out Google console to see any penalties enforced by Google. You’ll also see keywords that don’t show their origin in Google Analytics in Google console. Make the video descriptions relevant with keywords that you’ve researched on Google Ad planner for traffic volume, and keyword competition.

The Web 3.0

The internet or web 3.0 is still huge albeit the term was coined a while ago. This is that the internet will be semantically or big data driven from now on. Google even uses latent semantic indexing to cross reference web pages and semantically rank them. That’s why it’s crucial to canonize your website pages especially the home page. Make sure your main URL is the same URL throughout the website information architecture.

Web 3.0 was termed by John Markoff of the New York Times in 2006. It refers to the third generation of internet-based services that all in all aggregate the smart or intelligent internet. It’s web based services that compose of the intelligent web. Those using big data are an example, using intelligent analytics reports, Google trends, Advanced advertising mathematics, Google Ad planner, Ubersuggest, and more.

Google introduced Rank Brain which we’re still only even beginning to understand in 2020. It came out five years ago. Rank Brain is Google’s AI that uses machine learning to rank web pages with latent semantic indexing mathematical models, then latent diriclay, and after that dirrivitive allocation.

This can be derived from a list of things that we can’t assume. It could be co occurrence in web documents. This refers to distance between the keywords on the page itself. Google Ranks the importance of keywords in a search phrase. So if you search for “Super Mario Brothers” it will rank the keywords that should come up and give them a score based on abstractions and meanings that Google generates rather than the exact phrase which could return the wrong results without the semantic Rank Brain modeling (connectivity modeling). Citations and links on the web. This would be if there are a lot of pages about Mario, Luigi, Bowser, Princess, Toad, that link to the web page. It looks at linking in text, Bias to corpuses. This means that Google only cares about trusted sites linking in as opposed to all of the internet. Searcher click data corpi may be used.

So this means that if you can brainstorm keywords that are semantically on topic and use them in the web page, then semantically you have a better chance of showing up first as opposed to just sprinkling in the exact keywords into the article and making the article even sound bad or robotic/un human readable or even keyword stuffed (a big white hat SEO no no).

Where the website is pointing is important. If the site links to a Nintendo website often then this is factored into the semantic connectivity. Also, be sure to look at competitors pages or other sites that are ranking for this phrase and get keyword ideas for semantic connectivity or even keyword suggest tools.

Bidirectional Transformers for Language Understanding (BERT) is the latest addition to Google’s AI.

It touches one out of ten searches. It gives Google a better understanding of how language is utilized to help learn the context of single words inside of searches. It’s important to follow these algorithm changes in case they can be optimized for in the future, which will most likely be so.

Google’s John Mueller finally gave SEO’s hints for optimizing websites and web pages for BERT. BERT focuses on the relevance of the text on the website pages. SEO’s need to make sure that the pages aren’t random at all. Being relevant also means original content. BERT is trying to catch keyword spinning tools. Don’t just post the same old same old, which an auto spinner can spin and pass SEO copy scape tools. Your content won’t be as relevant as more thought out content, more detailed content, and more relevant content that has more depth, content research, on hands journalism, and SEO content correspondence to it.

Source by Joe Fanning

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